Digital Video Editing Software

Don't Buy A Digital Video Editing Software Before You Have Read This!

Capturing is a very basic and important step of your home video editing process, because without the capture being done properly, there is no way you can start with the editing. Capturing is the process in which the video you have shot is transferred from the input device (such as the camcorder or the digital camera) to the computer. It is the process in which the computer will read the data that you are inputting. Capturing can take several hours, depending on the length of the video you are inputting and the configuration of the system you are using.

Reading involves converting the video from the analog format to the digital format. This comes into play if you have used a camcorder that does not support the digital format. In order to read this data, you will need a converter card. The best card in the business is the Firewire card, which comes with a host of features, such as allowing real-time editing in the higher versions. Firewire card allows for high speed video recording and even editing at the same time. Some of the manufacturers of such cards are Pinnacle, Matrox, Digital Origin and ADS.

But the configuration of the computer is very important. If you are using Windows, then all high speed video software will capture efficiently with at least a Pentium 3, but Pentium 4 will give a blazing good speed. With Pentium 3 also, there might be frustration as regards slow speeds. If it is a Mac you are using, then the G4 or any of the iMac versions should do well enough for high speed video capture.

Capturing is a very essential part of your digital movie editing process, but most times it is also the step that is the most depressing. There are many reasons for this. For one, capturing is a slow process if your computer or software is not up to the mark, and while the capturing is going on, you cannot do anything else with your computer. You cannot even begin the editing process until the whole capturing step is out of the way. But the most frustrating aspect is that cheap home video editing software will have a maximum limit of data that can be captured at a time. A movie of an hour can be up to 13 GB, but some of the cheaper software will allow only segments of 2 GB to be captured at a time. This can make the process too mechanical and boring.

Another problem that can occur with slow computers is loss of data. If the camcorder is more efficient than the computer, then it is quite possible that the segments of data sent by the camcorder will not all be read by the computer efficiently. That means, some portions of the data could be lost. Even quality will be compromised. Hence, for high resolution video capture, it is necessary to have camcorders and computers that match each other in efficiency.

However, the problem if the capture is done in a short time. One of the ways to do it is to break down the video into small parts and then allow a high speed video software tool to capture it. This allows for high speed video capture with good resolution too. Generally, for high speed video recording, the videos are split into fragments of 2 GB each and then fed into the computer. When the capture is done, the separate files are merged together.

For professional video editing, high resolution video capture is extremely essential. Since capturing is the first step of the video editing process, it is necessary to invest in good equipment to do it in a professional manner.